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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We will be keeping a male puppy back from our Felon X Tara litter to raise for a year.  This puppy will be named "Uno Vom Logan Haus" since he is from our "U" litter. There will be an author following the progress of "Uno" as he continues down his training path throughout the first year of his life here at Logan Haus Kennels. This author will be writing a kids book about "Uno" and his adventures and training sessions here on our farm and training facility.

I will do my best to update this blog on a regular basis to document "Uno's" progress as he matures and develops.

Uno is now 10 days old, and so far he and his littermates have been exposed to our ENS program for the past 7 days. This includes daily handling, tactile positioning, heat / cold stressing, and stimulation of certain receptors to open pathways in their neurological system (often reffered to as "reverse genetic engineering")

The litter has been brought into our home once a day for the last few days to sleep on my lap on the couch for about 30 minutes each day while I pet them and give them a positive association to human touch and smell.

Additionally Uno and his littermates have been exposed to a target odor daily by having it wiped on the teets of their mother

Today "Uno" and the rest of the "U crew" were first introduced to our puppy development soundtrack, a CD with a series of 99 different loud and unusual sounds that will be played at high volume for several short durations each day for the next few weeks. These sounds include everything from gun shots, airplanes, drums and other musical instruments, fire crackers, train whistles, fog horns, large and small dogs barking, vehicles, crowds of people at a rock band concert, farm animals, birds, kids screaming, air raid sirens, bombs dropping and exploding, many other "ghost like" sounds and much more.  Puppies eyes and ears don't open before 10 days of age, so their is no need to do this step in the development stage before day 10.

The "U" litter got their first exposure to water this evening. Lukewarm water in the bath tub, about 4-5" deep so they could experience the feeling of floating one at a time while I held their heads above the water to be sure they didn't take any water into their lungs. This is just one of the many sensations they will be continuously exposed to throughout their stay here at LHK. After their little "swim" they were dried off and they curled up on a towel in my lap for about 30 minutes before they went back into the whelping box where Tara (their mom) was  eager to feed them, and they were eager to eat.

Thursday, May 16:  The puppies are 12 days old today and their eyes and ears are open. They are becoming very mobile in the box now. Today they were introduced to several new objects in the whelping box with them to include an aluminum can, a copper pipe, a PVC pipe, a stuffed animal toy, a tennis ball, and a plastic water bottle. They spent about 30 minutes on the couch with me tonight watching TV and being pet by me while I talked on the phone so they could hear the sound of my voice.

 Sunday, May 19: Wormed the puppies for the first time today,  along with their mother. They are really mobile in the box now, very active and up on wobbly legs moving all around exploring all the new things that I put into their box for short periods of time during the day while their mother is put away. Now they are responding to the sound of my voice with little barks and growls when I enter the room. I spent a long time with them today, handling them and talking to them after I cleaned their whelping box.

Friday, May 24: Let all the puppies swim in the tub again today. Their motor skills are really progressing quickly now, they will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. They are starting to play with each other now and already climb up on the edge of the whelping box, it won't be long before they climb out to see what is "outside the box"

Sunday, May 26th: Took all of the puppies outside today for the first time. They waddled around and explored the yard like 3 week old puppies do, checking out the grass and other new and exciting textures and smells before they fell asleep in the warm sun.

Monday, May 27th: The puppies went outside again today for about an hour to explore the yard, they are more mobile than yesterday, and finally getting their legs under them. Today they were offered food for the first time and they all had great food drive, they were introduced to the sound of a jerry can and the pairing of that sound with the food. This is the first step in their drive building game.

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Mike Suttle