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 Breeding Program 


ARKO - KNPV PH1 Met Lof. OFA good at 5 years of age, elbows normal.

 Considered to be one of the top producing stud dogs for the KNPV program in Holland. Arko has drive, power, and courage like we have never seen in any dog and he passes these traits on to his offspring with amazing consistency. 

Arko has perfect hips, back and elbows. He has a very dominant temperament, with natural aggression and is a very serious dog on and off the field. His frontal attacks are the fastest and most violent that you could imagine, his grips are punishing to the decoy, and his fight drive is extreme. He has won every hard hitting contest he has ever competed in, in the USA and in Holland! He also served as a working security dog in Holland where he hospitalized many suspects. He has an outstanding KNPV pedigree. Arko is available at stud for approved females.

Please understand that this dog produces offspring that are hard to handle, and are very aggressive. Experienced handlers are required to handle most Arko offspring.




Rudy is a son of one of the most influential KNPV stud dogs in recent years, Django Sommers. Rudy's mother is Celik's Home Pulsar, a proven breeding female who has produced many very strong police dogs in Holland. We purchased a littermate brother to Rudy, Celik's Home Nico, for a special forces contract and he easily passed their very rigorous selection test at 11 months of age. Rudy is an even stronger and more driven example of a super police dog than his brother, Nico. In many ways, Rudy is literally too intense to work as his drive and recklessness are very difficult to manage and his tolerance to a correction is incredibly high, but for a stud dog this is exactly what we look for. His nerve strength, drive and athleticism are among the best we've ever seen. He has an excellent nose, super grips and truly extreme prey drive. Rudy is very social to his handler and to other dogs. His back, hip and elbow x-rays are excellent. Rudy, at 75 lbs, is very muscular without being bulky or oversized and has a tight coat and a powerful head.

To sum, Rudy shows extreme drive and intensity in everything he does, remarkable athletisicm and agility, and super nerves and stability.



FLOS: A daughter of Rudie Pegge and Pasja Beldman. Selected for our breeding program by Gerben Kamphuis from the Netherlands for her bloodlines, her character, her health, her drive, and her proven record of producing excellent working dogs for the KNPV program in Holland. Flos is a working female of the highest quality. She has the physical traits of the largest males, 88 lbs on a vet scale. She has a very heavy and powerful head and bone structure, yet is quick, agile, and light on her feet. She has very good hunt and retrieve drive with an excellent nose. Flos is a very stable dog with good resting character and excellent environmental nerves.


MISTY:  A daughter of Berry II Lamers and Nora Heijden. Misty is one of our best working females, she has a super grip, extreme hunt and retrieve drive for any object, and she is very agile ad athletic. Misty jumps and climbs on things like a monkey and she is reckless to the point of being dangerous to herself. In the last litter from Misty we kept 3 males back to raise and sell next year and all three have super full grips and excellent hunt drive.


TARA:  A daughter of Arco Roosen and Meta Suttle. Tara is another one of our best working females with truely amazing speed, drive, intensity, athleticism and nerve strength. Tara is a perfect example of what a working dog should be in every way. Tara is a dog that has to be seen to appreciate her work ethic and intensity. In her first litter we kept one male back to raise as a police dog and he is doing excellent in training.

SARA: A daughter of Nick Verhoeven and Molly Rambags. Sara is a grandaughter of Duco II Seegers. She is the most dominant female in our kennel, she has rock solid nerves and is built like a very masculine male. She has a very full grip and can get very serious in the bitework. She is an extremely athletic dog with a lot of fight drive.


MILEY:  A daughter of Kwinto Pekel KNPV PH 1 Met Lof. Kwinto is a very popular son of Duco Seegers. These lines are very well known for producing extremely high working drives, super nerves, and perfect health. Miley is no exception, she is a very large beautiful dark red female with the physical traits of a male. She really is the perfect dog in every way. Gerben Kamphuis of Holland was at our kennel in Oct. for a seminar, he saw her and said, "Mike, she is the nicest working Malinois female in North America."

Miley will be Mike's personal dog for sport for the next couple years. She is a World class dog for sure.


Djenna - The most serious female we have in our breeding program. Djenna has the type of temperament that is typical of the very old Dutch KNPV bloodlines. She is neutral to strangers, but is very easily triggered into a high degree of aggression when challanged. She has extremely solid nerves and is very agile for such a huge female. Her retrieve and hunt drive is excellent, she bites super on the sleeve and the suit with very hard attacks. In her first litter to Arko we kept two puppies back for our program and they are among the best young pups we have had so far. She has excellent hips, back and elbows. Djenna has a super solid working KNPV pedigree, she is a daughter of Marko Jansen (PH 1 Met Lof, Obj Met Lof) and Kyra II Stevens (PH 1 Met Lof) She is a very special female in our breeding program.




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Mike Suttle