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Do you have a dog that you would like to sell to Logan Haus Kennels?

We are always looking for high quality dogs to purchase for our program.  Typically, we purchase the majority of our dogs from Europe ...namely dogs from the KNPV program.  In recent years, the number of quality dogs available from overseas has diminished and we have been looking for other sources for dogs.  To offset this, we have ramped up our own breeding program, but we are happy to test and purchase dogs from private individuals or smaller vendors who would like to do business with us.

The dogs we look for, first and foremost, must be environmentally stable.  Dogs must willingly walk and climb on a variety of surfaces (e.g. slippery floors, open/steep stairways, rubble piles and other unstable surfaces).  Additionally, we expect dogs to jump on raised surfaces (e.g. tables, cabinets, desks) and be confident working in a variety of environments with loud, startling noises and stressful stimuli (e.g. dark or confined spaces, loud/moving vehicles, various distractions, gunfire).  Secondly, we require dogs with a sound, stable temperament and a bold, confident attitude.  Dogs that show shyness, nervousness, submissiveness or excessive aggression will not be considered.  Dogs must tolerate or welcome a variety of people approaching and must be able to work around groups of unfamiliar people without being distracted or showing fear or aggression.  The dog should be comfortable being handled by an unfamiliar but capable handler and should be able to be picked up and carried with little or no resistance.

If we are testing the dog as a single purpose, detection candidate, the dog must show a very high level of hunt, prey and retrieve drive.  We would prefer the dog to enjoy retrieving and playing with metal, but are open to purchasing dogs that are not strong on metal as long as they are very strong on a ball, tug and other comparable toys.  In terms of intensity and drive, we expect dogs that do not need to be stimulated with the toy in order to build drive for it.  Just seeing the toy lying on the ground should be enough to entice the dog to dive onto the toy and possess it for as long as we allow him to keep it.  The dog must prefer searching for, chasing and playing with that toy over food, water and interactions with other dogs, people and their handler.  We do not want dogs that will drop their toy to investigate other scents or because they were distracted by other dogs, people, etc.  The dog should carry their toy with them everywhere and maintain a firm hold on it even while relieving themselves outside or jumping and climbing on a variety of surfaces inside and fight to keep the toy when the handler wants it back (NOTE: Please don't confuse this with resource guarding and handler aggression.  We don't expect nor do we prefer dogs that will redirect frustration or aggression towards the handler when being lifted off of a toy, just a dog that is committed to keeping his toy).  

When testing hunt/retrieve drive, the dog must show intensity, independence, enthusiasm and perseverance.  The dog must search at a reasonably fast pace (appropriate for the age, breed and experience level), not quit searching if the toy is not immediately found and should not require multiple commands to continue searching. The dog must be willing to search in a variety of indoor and outdoor areas with a variety of distractions present.

If the dog is being tested as a dual purpose candidate, the above criteria apply.  In addition, we expect dual purpose candidates to display high prey drive, intensity and confidence while engaging in age appropriate bite work.  We do not prefer dogs to display high levels of defensive/civil aggression, but dogs must have the perseverance and committment to deal with reasonable pressure from the decoy.  This includes the decoy yelling at the dog, picking the dog up, crowding the dog into corners and tight/dark spaces, engaging the dog while the dog is on an elevated or unstable surface and physically removing the dog from the bite.  While we realize most any dog can be removed from the bite, we are looking for the dogs that have the heart and committment to reengage the decoy and not turn and run or fail to reengage.  We would prefer dogs that have been started on a bite suit and will bite with a full, calm, hard grip, however, we will consider testing sleeve dogs provided they meet the age-appropriate testing criteria.  Dogs that show obvious stress while biting or in response to decoy pressure (i.e. whining/growling, chewy bites, shallow grips, moving their body away from the decoy, nervous or submissive body posture) will not be considered.  Dogs may be tested in a muzzle, but this is not a requirement and is not critical in making our final decision of whether or not the dog is suitable for purchase.

All candidates, both single and dual purpose, must be in overall good health and condition.  Dogs must not have any missing or broken teeth.  Dogs must have good hips, back and elbows and the seller must provide recent x-rays or OFA certification as proof.  Male dogs must be intact and have both testicles.

Breeds that will be considered for single purpose candidates are Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers (or similar retriever breeds).  From time to time, we also need small breed terriers or other "off" breeds, so please contact us if you have a suitable candidate that is not one of the above breeds.  As dual purpose candidates, we will consider Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds or crosses of those breeds.

If, after reading this description, you feel you have a dog we would be interested in purchasing, please contact us by phone at 304-661-5758 or by email at  The seller must be willing to transport the dog to our facility or a nearby location for testing.  We are willing to travel to locations within a 2 hour radius of our facility for testing.  Dogs can be flown into Roanoke Regional Airport at the seller's expense and can be shipped back, COD, if they do not pass.  If the dog passes our selection test, we will include reimbursement for the cost of airfare in the purchase price.

For examples of the type of dogs we are looking for, please visit our YouTube channel at the following link.  There are numerous examples of dogs of all ages demonstrating hunt/retrieve drive and bitework.
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Mike Suttle