Puppy Detection Imprinting Kit

Puppy Detection Imprinting Kit



We're now offering our Puppy Detection Kit for imprinting odor in young dogs. The kit includes six tubes, LHK clicker, and a detailed training manual written by Mike Suttle. Recently we've seen a lot of trainers coming to us, having used "our system," but doing so incorrectly.

The placement and size of the reward hole greatly impacts the success of using this tube system. There is also a shim in the containment unit that is vital to keeping the puppy from uncovering the source. In addition, there are many nuances to this system that people are unable to understand simply by watching a few of our short youtube clips. The training manual is a key component to making sure the tubes are used correctly.

The kit is $200, shipping included to US addresses only. For shipping outside US, please contact us at for a quote. Because of the weight of the wooden bases they are not included, however, there are instructions included on the exact dimensions and installation of the bases.

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