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Logan Haus Kennels is very pleased to provide our much anticipated video subscription service. Here, you will find many videos showing the start to finish training methods we use to teach different behaviors. Unlike many videos out there that only show you the finished product with maybe a few steps along the way, we show training day 1, session 1 and document each training session along the way. We don't edit out the mistakes because in training, mistakes happen both from the trainer and the animal. We show you raw, unedited training sessions, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our goal is to post at least 2 working dog training videos per week, but most weeks will have more than two videos posted. We will also try to post at least 1 pet dog-related training video per week. Of course, many of the working dog and pet dog videos will overlap and be relevant to one another.

You will also find many chicken training videos here because chickens make excellent training models and are used at our facility daily to help improve the timing and mechanical skills of our students and staff.

The monthly video subscription membership will be $10 per month, and will allow total access to all of our training videos.

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